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Find salary by hike percentage

Enter your current salary and hike percentage in the hike calculator to find how much salary you will make after hike

Hike Calculator


Salary you will make after the hike


Find hike percentage by salary

Enter your current salary and new salary in salary hike percentage calculator to find how much hike percentage you got

Hike Percentage Calculator

Salary Raise Percentage to Ask For


Formulas used in Hike Calculator

How to calculate salary hike from hike percentage

1. Divide the hike percentage by 100
Ex: I received a 20% hike. So 20/100 =0.2

2. Now multiply this decimal with your current salary.
Ex: My current salary is 30,000. So 0.2 * 30,000 = 6,000

3. Finally add the value to you get to your current salary: 6000+30000 = 36,000
So in this case, with a 20% hike on my salary, 36,000 will be my new salary.

Use this salary hike formula

Hike Calculator Formula

How to calculate the hike percentage from your new salary

1. Subtract the new salary from your old salary
Ex: My new salary is 30,000 and my old salary is 25,000. So 30,000 – 25,000 = 5,000

2. Divide the result by your old salary.
So 5,000/25,000 = 0.2

3. Finally multiply the decimal you got by 100
0.2 * 100 = 20

4) This is the hike percentage you got on your old salary. The hike percentage, in this case, is 20%.

Use this formula for salary hike calculation in percentage

Hike Percentage Calculator Formula

Most asked questions about salary hike​

Is Salary hike based on ctc or basic pay?

In 2023, Most companies in India offer hikes based on your CTC. Increments Based on CTC  is common for 3 reasons:

1. Variable Pay: In a lot of companies, a significant portion of an employee's compensation is tied to factors such as individual performance, team performance, or company profitability. By basing the raise on your CTC, the variable components of your pay can be adjusted along with the basic pay.

2. Follow Global trends: Multinational companies follow global compensation practices where CTC based pay is more common. So they adopt the same practice for India as well.

3. Employee retention & Motivation: Offering you a CTC-based increment can create a perception of a more substantial increase in compensation, even if the actual hike that gets credit in your bank account is much lesser than that.

However the method of hike calculation varies at each company, and some companies do provide hike on your basic pay. Do check with your manager or HR to find out more about the hike policy of the company you work for.

Will Salary Increase in 2023?

Yes. The average salaries in India is estimated to increase by 10.2% in 2023, according to the Future of Pay Report by Ernst & Young.

The top 3 sectors with the highest salary growth are ECommerce (12.5%), followed by Professional services (11.9%) and Information technology (10.8%)

Will salary increase after probation?

Yes, a salary increment after 6 months or after 1 year of probation is certainly possible. But it differs from company to company.

Unless an increment after probation has been negotiated at the time of interview and written down in your appointment letter, you cannot demand the same.

What is a good salary hike?

A 15-20% salary hike is considered to be a good increment. Outstanding performers and employees receiving promotions receive an increment of 20% or more. However if you are taking additional responsibilities at your company or have a competing offer letter from another company, you can leverage it to ask for additional hike.

What is the average salary hike in India?

According to multiple surveys, the annual salary hike in India is around 10%. However depending upon your performance and goal setting, you can ask for a higher salary hike than the average.

How much salary hike to expect?

According to the trends in India, You can expect 15-20% hike on your current salary. Use our salary hike calculator to find out how much hike you will be getting on your salary.

How much salary hike should I ask while changing jobs?

There is no limit on how much hike you can ask for while interviewing for a new job.

In the IT & tech sector, If you are applying for a company within the same domain and a role similar to your current job, you should ask for at least a 50% hike on your CTC.

However if you are looking to take a job with a well funded startup or Industry leaders (like Razorpay, Flipkart,Google) you can expect a 100% or more hike.

Salary Hike Email Templates

1. Salary Hike Request letter

Want to ask for a salary increment from your boss or manager? You can make use of this email template to ask for the hike

Subject: [Boss’s Name], Mind If we discuss a raise? /  Salary Review Request


I hope this message finds you well.

As a graphic designer at{company_name} for the past (duration} , I’ve contributed my best efforts to company growth & distinguished myself with the following accomplishments:

1)  I managed the successful launch of our new product, helping to realize $X in quarterly sales.
2) I grew our social media following on Instagram from 1000 to 5000
3) Peer reviews indicate that my colleagues appreciate working with me and I am a valuable member of the team.

I’ve also taken up additional duties on the current project I’m working on that includes video editing and copywriting.

With these accomplishments in mind,
I believe that a minimum of 20% salary increment would be a fair recognition of my contributions and dedication to the company.

I am confident that my performance justifies this request, and I look forward to discussing this matter further at your earliest convenience. Your support and acknowledgment of my efforts would be truly appreciated.

Thank you for your time and consideration.

[Your Name]
Graphic Designer
[Your Contact Information]

2. Salary hike not satisfied letter

Are you disappointed with your salary hike and want to negotiate it with your boss or manager? Make use of this template to draft an email explaining why you deserve a better hike.

Subject: Can we revisit the increment, $boss_name?

Hi {Boss_Name},

I hope this email finds you well.

I wanted to take a moment to share my feelings regarding the recent 7% salary increment that I received.

While I appreciate the recognition of my efforts,

I’m disappointed with the raise as it does not align with the contributions I have made to the company.

Over the past year, I’ve achieved significant accomplishments that have positively impacted the company’s growth:

1)  Accomplishment 1: Successfully led the implementation of a new project management system, resulting in streamlined workflows and a 20% increase in team productivity.
2) Accomplishment 2: Implemented a comprehensive customer feedback system, leading to an improvement in customer satisfaction by 25% and an increase in customer retention.
3) Accomplishment 3: Received recognition from clients for exceptional service, resulting in a 40% increase in repeat business and referrals.

Given these achievements,  I firmly believe that a 15% pay increase would be a fair acknowledgment of my contributions to the company’s growth.

I kindly request an opportunity to discuss this matter further.

Thanks for your time and I look forward to having a conversation with you.

Your Name
Your Position

3. Thank you message for salary hike

Are you disappointed with your salary hike and want to negotiate it with your boss or manager? Make use of this template to draft an email explaining why you deserve a better hike.

Subject: Thank you for the raise, {boss_name}

Hey {boss_name},

Thank you for the recent raise.

It feels good to know that my efforts are recognized by the company.

I’ve enjoyed working with you and learnt a lot in the past year.

looking forward to another successful year together 🍻

Your Name
Your Position